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Discover the Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method for transforming your life and law practice with that extra special attention of one-on-one coaching!

The Coaching Calling Card offers 10, yes 10 private sessions with Val.

You will discover:


You will do this ethically, and without gouging your clients.

My Students Go From Being Stressed Underpaid Lawyers To Doubling, Tripling, and even Quadrupling Their Income In Just A Few Short Months.

Val Hemminger

Read This Before Going ANY Further

As a Divorce Lawyer...have you ever said to yourself...

"I thought I'd have more free time and make more money by now?"

I was once there too... I was an overworked, underpaid stressed lawyer barely making ends meet...

Let me ask you....

How would your life be different if you already had...

  • A Multiple Six-Figure Law Practice
  • A Consistent Flow of Happy Clients
  • An Amazing Work-Life Balance (so you can actually spend quality time with your own family and friends or take a REAL vacation)

And you did it all ethically without gouging your clients!

If you are truly serious about creating a successful multiple 6-figure law practice…

You want to attract higher-quality clients; 

You want to keep those clients happy once you get them; 

You want to stop being so overwhelmed, and you want to be organized; so that the BUSINESS of your Law Practice runs like a well-oiled machine; 

Because sooner or later you are going to get tired of being overworked, underpaid and stressed...

Maybe you want that extra support and touch for a hands-on approach:


You thought that all those long nights and weekends studying to pass the bar and spending countless thousands of dollars on your education would surely pay off by now, right?

Val Hemminger, The Truth About Lawyers


The Truth is this:

  • Most Lawyers Aren't Rich
  • Most Lawyers Don't Play Golf All Day
  • Most lawyers Actually Struggle Financially
  • Many Lawyers Suffer from Extreme Stress & Depression
  • Lawyers, even Divorce Lawyers, Have High Divorce Rates!

Statistics Show within 5 years of being called to the bar, 57% of women and 49% of men will have left private practice. -- Most lawyers think that being smart is the answer to being successful. Nothing could be farther from the truth...

You Have Probably Realized By Now...

  • Being a skilled lawyer doesn't translate into making a good living...
  • The sad truth is most lawyers have spent well over 6 figures on their education... are in HUGE debt, and continue to struggle to even pay their basic expenses
  • It just doesn't seem fair does it?
Meet With Val Hemminger

Here is why... being a lawyer and running a business use two COMPLETELY separate and different skill sets.

LAW SCHOOL TAUGHT US ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how to create a profitable and thriving law practice.

Your Law practice is a business.

According to one study...20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small businesses fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. 

Your law practice is not only a business, it is no exception!

Val Hemminger, At Computer

If You Are Struggling to:

  • Manage all of our responsibilities without killing yourself with long hours, and stress
  • Run a law firm that turns a profit consistently
  • Represent clients so that they are very happy each and every time​
  • Have a consistent flow of quality clients (that aren't "attorney shopping" for lowest price)​
  • Have a proper work-life balance (without feeling guilty for taking time for yourself) -- a life created and designed by you

You Are Not Alone!  I Have Been There...

When I started out as a lawyer more than 25 years ago, I had NO IDEA about the importance of marketing or how to even run a business.

Although I was a very passionate and effective advocate, I had no idea how to attract quality clients to my firm, OR how to manage my client files successfully, AND I had no clue about systems and procedures.

The result was I had few, if any, quality clients (ones that pay their bills) ... I was working 10+ hour days, I was broke and miserable...I was an overworked, very stressed and underpaid lawyer...

Val Hemminger, Helping Lawyers

ALSO my family life was in shambles...

I was not able to spend quality time with my family or take real vacations AND my law practice was taking over my life....sound familiar?

Over the course of 25 years of being a divorce lawyer. I have learned the ins and outs of practicing family law, and also owning a business. I made a lot of costly mistakes along the way, but I learned some very valuable lessons.

Gratefully, I have a multiple six-figure practice and I do it without working evenings and weekends!

I also do it ethically, without gouging my clients.

I am transparent about my billing practices and my clients consistently rave about the great work I do!

I created my successful law practice after reading a ton of business books, working with a business coach, and implementing systems, processes, and strategies that launched my law practice to the next level!

I have spent countless thousands of dollars on business coaches and consultants so I could develop the Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method.

I know what it is like to struggle... so I wanted to shorten the learning curve for you...so you can avoid making the costly mistakes I made... AND so lawyers just like you can have a proven method that strategically helps build a multiple six-figure business.

I also happen to know that if we, as divorce lawyers, have balance in our lives, we will show up for our clients in a better way and that will serve them and their families in a HUGE way! Balanced lawyers make better lawyers for their clients.

Using the Coaching Calling Card we will have 10-one hour sessions (scheduled at your convenience and your pace for that hands-on one-on-one approach!)

I am here to help you for that hands-on support and guidance you need.

Val Hemminger


  • Strategically run your law firm like a business
  • Represent clients so that they are very happy each an every time
  • Skip past all the costly mistakes and what most lawyers take years to learn
  • Create systems and procedures to run your practice seamlessly
  • Make more money while working less
  • Have a proper work-life balance
  • Discover how to be a true leader in your profession 
  • Break free from being tied to your desk

Included in Your Coaching Calling Card:

  • 10 Private one-on-one coaching sessions with Val that you can use anytime for up to a 12-month period
  • A questionnaire that you fill out so that we can “hit the ground running” on our calls
  • During the 10 one-hour sessions we will problem solve and strategize your next steps as it relates specifically to you and your law practice
  • Your call is recorded and delivered to you for future reference and implementation
  • You will have Voxer access to Val a full 24 hours before and 24 hours after each call

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3 Months Payment Plan


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

"I had struggled financially for about 7 years, getting nowhere. Within a few months working with Val... I released my old files that were stressing me out and paying me poorly. My whole life has transformed and my income has quadrupled"



"Within 3 weeks of working with Val, my income doubled. I did this by working way less than I used to... I learned this all the while having very happy clients"



"You had excellent client reviews, there's so many firms that advertise really, really well but when you look at their reviews, it's either very generic five star you know, fake reviews or written by an assistant or whatever it is, but these are detailed enough that it's compelling that your clients love you."



"I think, quite generous in the content for what it costs. And I'm really, really pleased with that. There's nothing worse than buying an online course and then feeling like you're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to content. So I do really appreciate that."



"I have a lot clearer idea now, you know, specific steps to take, which I've taken. I feel a lot more confident, I feel a lot better, starting again on my own this time than I did before. Yeah, the program is definitely worth it. Even just the checklists and precedents and resources are worth it alone."



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