Discover the simplest way to attract new clients to your law practice!

Most people don't hire a lawyer without first looking at their online reviews!

Make getting retained easy by utilizing this 4-Step plan!

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The Super Cool Method I created:

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1. Client Attraction

Law school taught us a big fat ZERO about attracting clients. Attract quality paying clients to your law practice without having your marketing efforts take over all of your time and effort. Also, be who you are in your marketing and in your law practice.

2. Happy Clients

Working 7 days per week is the sure-fire way to keep our clients happy right?! Wrong! Discover the straightforward systems and techniques you can use to not only effectively represent your clients each and every time, but also keep them very happy with the work you do and your results. Discover the best way to move your cases forward while honouring your clients.

3. A Well Run Business

There is a reason why the multi-billion dollar McDonald's is run by teenagers. Most lawyers do not get this and they suffer hugely as a result. Don't be a victim to what you don't know and what you can easily fix.

4. All Without Working Insane Hours

Are you wondering that if you have tons of clients and a well-run business that you won't have time for anything else? Not to worry! You will discover powerful ways to take charge of your time so you have time for your health, your happiness, and your relationships.

Being a Divorce Lawyer
Does Not Have to Suck!

So many of us have struggled in our law practices.
Many of us suffer in silence. I know, I have been there!
Reach out! I am here . . .