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From Lawyer Stress to Recovery
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Everything Law School Didn’t Teach

Convert divorce lawyer stress into an exceptional career

What kind of life did you want to create for yourself?

When you invested so many years and big money to become a lawyer, were you assuming everything would be rosy and smooth sailing once you graduated and started work in a legal practice? I know I did! 

Well, let me assure you... Just because you become a lawyer, that is no guarantee to success, as I discovered at great cost.

The one thing you and I have in common is that law school didn't prepare us for any of the real world of practicing law.

And that is why lawyer stress is such a big issue in our industry. 

If you are experiencing lawyer stress,
you are not alone and I want to help.

How you can escape from lawyer stress

Hello, I'm Val Hemminger. Based in Westshore, British Columbia, I've been a family divorce lawyer for over 25 years. I have run my own law practice for over 20 years.

Believe me, the 25 years haven't all been smooth sailing. Sometimes it felt as if I was running on a never-ending hamster wheel with no end in sight.

There were plenty of years where I was trapped between a rock and a hard place where my life was totally and completely out of balance. Despite the years of overwhelm, financial challenges, and lawyer stress I experienced, I did finally manage to get off that hamster wheel and create a completely different kind of life.

Now, I have a life of balance, prosperity and personal health with a six figure income.  You may know that this is no small achievement, particularly for a divorce lawyer. So many in our industry are suffering.

"Law school teaches us sweet 'f-all' about how to run a business or law practice."

Lawyer stressed and caught in an anvil trying to manage pressures of business and client relationships

How I can help you avoid lawyer stress or recover from imploding

Law school teaches us sweet "f-all" about how to run a business or law practice. When I opened my own law practice more than two decades ago, I had no idea how to run a business effectively. I also had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea.

You can read about my journey and some of how I made it through, right here.

So, if you are going through a period of great financial stress, personal challenges and client overwhelm, then you will know what I mean.

Even if you are just starting out, then I can assure you that you will likely experience stress dealing with at least:

  • your client relationships
  • the other parties you deal with in a conflict
  • your law firm employers
  • your billings
  • your relationships with other divorce lawyers.

This is certainly not the answer to lawyer stress...

  • Getting new clients all the time and working longer hours while seeing your family and friends less and less.
  • You want solutions and strategies that will support you to build a balanced family life, healthy career, and business.

Let me show you how to take charge again

In summary...

From all my experiences, I basically had to redefine myself.

This site is a gateway to that process so you don't have to go through what I went through to actually become a financially secure and sane, law practitioner. Everything I researched, applied and practiced has rebuilt my personal and business life.

Now, all my  experiences have been turned into the unique, lawyer focussed B.E.S.T Method to forge a new approach to your family law career. Although my focus is on divorce lawyers, the B.E.S.T. method works for any lawyer in private practice.

Read on to find how you can begin to make a change...

Val Hemminger's B.E.S.T. Method specifically allows you to redefine the experience of your legal career

Discover Val Hemminger's B.E.S.T. Method- supporting you to build an ethical divorce lawyer practice.

By adopting the B.E.S.T method, you will, in a few short weeks or months:

  • Attract quality clients who are dying to hire you.
  • Turn your clients into your raving fans without them taking over your life.
  • Implement the step-by-step strategies and systems created by me in over 25 years of practice.
  • Live your life of less stress, more freedom, and no more stupid mistakes.

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