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How To Manage A Stress Free Trial  

Giveaway: Your Step By Step Checklist To A Stress-Free Trial

In this time-saving and stress killing bonus checklist you will:

  • Never lay awake again worrying what you may have forgotten prior to your day in court!
  • Show up for trial ready and well-rested.
  • Never worry about being embarrassed in front of a judge or colleague because you forgot something.
  • Inspire your client’s confidence.
  • Be ready to persuade the Judge.
  • Be the most organized lawyer in the room.
  • Never again miss an important step.
  • Start trial with an impressive and well thought-out opening argument.

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Why Your Step By Step Checklist To A Stress-Free Trial was created

Val Hemminger and Your Step By Step Checklist For A Stress-free Trial

Hello! I'm Val Hemminger. My absolutely unique newsletter, "Be The Best Divorce Lawyer" is chockablock full of stories, ideas and real life experiences.

Being a divorce lawyer can be a tough job and if this is your experience, you will want to join. Divorce lawyers everywhere are committed to doing great work, helping our clients, while having a successful law practice ourselves.

The checklist was created because I was once in exactly that chaotic position.  When I look at them in hindsight, some of the mistakes I made were horrible. The worst was turning up to court, ready to present and finding I had none of my notes.

Sounds small?  Try telling THAT to the judge!!  This checklist will guide you through all the small things that will help make a trial as easy as it ever can be.

"Val's resources have meant that my to do list has gone massively down and my client satisfaction is up.

Definitely my own stress reduction has been really, really excellent and my clients have responded really well." 
Brogan Pastro, Divorce Lawyer

Brogan Pastro

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