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The Family Law Marketing Opportunity You are Missing Out is Demonstrated by These Powerful Stats:

You already know that your family law marketing strategy is required if you are planning on becoming a successful attorney.

Anyone who has turned their mind to family law marketing will have scrolled their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed. You already know that videos play a major part in social media networks. In terms of social networks, video is where it is at and where it will continue to be.

Here are some 2022 stats about video that you want to consider when developing your family law marketing strategy:

  • 54% of marketers say that video is the most valuable content type compared to written blog posts and other content types. Think about how you can incorporate video into building your own law firm.
  • Video is the most underutilized format across Facebook (14%), Instagram (11%) and Twitter (5%). Imagine what video can do for your family law advertising campaign now that you know this?
  • 25% of marketers say live video is the most valuable type of social content.Half of social media users prefer video over other types of content.
  • 85% of social media users say they want more video content.
  • People share video content twice as much as any other type of content.

So, there you have it. Video is where it is at. There is no question if you want to grow your family law practice.

I would rather do anything else for my Family Law Marketing Other than Video:

You are not alone. Most lawyers are very resistant to using video. They are resisting to seeing their faces on video. Despite the fact that the best qualities of a successful lawyer include you getting out of your comfort zone, you too may be resistant to utilizing video. As you are reading this, you might be thinking, “yeah, but . . . I have a face for radio.” I get it. As a side note, The Urban Dictionary defines a “face for radio” as

  1. One with commendable broadcasting abilities, yet an appearance of far lesser appreciation; or
  2. A polite and indirect way of saying ugly.

A face for radio? Me too. I have developed a double chin over the last couple of years, and it completely grosses me out. I can’t stand looking at my face on video. Or maybe a double-chin is not your problem, but you want to wait until you have your tan on. Or maybe you never want to do video because, well, you have a face for radio. And, of course, you know already that becoming a successful attorney means that our egos (and vanity) should be left at the door.

For me, I have never liked to look at my face on video. This was even before my double chin. A mentor once said to me, what is more, important to you Val, being the most successful lawyer you can be, or your vanity? So, once that obvious fact was put right in front of my face, I sucked it up and got my face on video.

The cool thing is that videos I shot years ago continue to attract great clients to my law practice today. Becoming a successful lawyer has been much easier because of the fact that I used video in my family law advertising (by the way, when I say advertising, I do mean organic, free family law advertising, I don’t pay for ads anymore).

Will you Ignore this Family Law Marketing Opportunity?

Now let me ask you this. Even though there is this massive family law marketing opportunity, are you still worried about having a face for radio? Are you still feeling resistant? I get it. Here is one more thing. The only person concerned about your double-chin is you. Your potential clients want to see your face and if you use video they will already know, like, and trust you even before they meet you. Video pays dividends by delivering clients to you over and over again. So, you may want to ask yourself what is more important, your vanity, or becoming a successful lawyer?

So, my question is this. What is more important to you? Growing and scaling your law practice so that you can reach more quality clients? Or staying hidden so your clients don’t find you?

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