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Recommended Family Law Software to Grow Your Practice

Life without family law software. *A real life story!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You have been at a mediation all day long and you have finally reached an agreement.

Then and only then does the mediator decide to start writing up the minutes of settlement.

They are literally writing up the Minutes of Settlement.

The lawyers, the clients, and the support staff are all tired and probably HANGRY after a long day.  (Tired and Hungry!)

Then the following steps occur...

Once the minutes are written out and provided to the support staff person, the support staff person types out the Minutes of Settlement.

Then the support staff person prints out what they have typed and then distributes them in hard copy to the lawyers.

Then the lawyers review the Minutes of Settlement and ask for changes.

Then another hard copy is printed out and distributed.

And so on and so on.

So, from the time you have “settled” the matter to the time you walk out the door to go home, an extra two hours go by. That is an extra two hours that nobody, not the legal professionals or clients got to spend with family, relaxing, or feeding themselves.

I find this process so clunky and unnecessarily wasteful in terms of time and energy. 

And the alternative...

Now, compare the above scenario to the situation where the mediator (or lawyer) is word processing a document as agreements are made.

They type right onto a screen and that screen is displayed for all to see, so corrections are made as you go throughout the day.

At the end, when the final settlement is reached, very little time is needed to generate the final document.

The lawyers and mediator have spent almost two hours less time getting the document finalized. The clients pay for two less hours of their lawyer and share of the mediator’s time.

Simple right?!

Real life family law software experienced

The right family law software programs changed my business life. We went from organisationally struggling to be able to grow my family law practice.  It seems obvious but I am also sure you have met plenty of divorce lawyers who don't build on any of the resources that are available. It's unfortunate because their clients suffer and they suffer because life is a constant struggle surrounded my poor law firm practice management habits.

Below are my recommended programs.  But a word of caution.  You have to also learn how to use them! 

For example, in my office, when we took a hard look at all of our software, we realized we had software that was not necessary for us to have. For example, we were using Sharepoint, as part of Office 365, but we also have Clio.

Sharepoint is not built for lawyers or law firms, but Clio is. So, why use Sharepoint when Clio will do the job better?We also found that there were contractors we had hired that would connect some of our external services such as Active Campaign, unnecessarily to Clio with Zapier.  Again, an extra cost duplicating processes that we didn't need.

    Document management software
    Keeping track of documents can be a nightmare for law firms, many of which are snowed under with data. Solutions such as Clio, or Worldox make this job much simpler.
    Intake software
    Do you know where you are getting your leads? Do you know how many times you get hired after a lead reaches out to you?
    Well, if you don’t, you could be in trouble. Understanding your lead sources and rate of being hired is important for your success. For example, because we keep track of our leads and rate of being hired, I discover that a lawyer in my office was getting hired, maybe one out of every consultations! I asked her what was going on and found out that she had a significant misunderstanding about how to do consultations. Once we fixed that problem she gets hired almost every time.
    Payment processing software
    Online payment processing solutions such as LawPay will help streamline invoicing processes and ensure you receive the money you’re owed. Clio integrates with LawPay and it is LIFE-CHANGING!
    Password management software
    Because we retain highly sensitive data, we must be careful about who we are handing our passwords out. It is highly worth downloading and using a password manager such as Dashlane or LastPass to prevent data breaches.

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