Best Time - Saving Tip:
Never Waste a Trip!

The best time-saving tip I ever received has had a huge impact on the efficiency in my life. It guaranteed way less running around from thing to thing. It has reduced the amount of overwhelm I experience on any given day. It allows me to accomplish a lot compared to just about everyone else I know.

It has not only saved me time, but has saved me a huge amount of stress. It makes my life seem way less overwhelming than it otherwise would be.

I have read a lot about efficiency. I have read books and articles about time-saving tips for busy people. Despite this other advice, nothing quite nails the profound impact of the advice of "Never waste a trip!"

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'Never waste a trip' is probably one of the most profoundly important pieces of advice I have ever received. It is certainly close to the best advice I have ever bothered to follow. It is life changing. It is simply the best time-saving tip ever.

The story goes like this: I was a disgruntled teenager working as a server at the local “greasy spoon” Smitty’s Pancake Restaurant in 100 Mile House, B.C. It was an awful job. Like many breakfast-type truck stop restaurants, it was busy all the time. Our shifts were non-stop. We worked a continuous cycle of seating people, serving tables of people with endless refills of coffee, their food, cleaning off tables of coffee cups, leftover food, and tableware. Then this would start all again in a continuous and endless cycle.  No sooner had a table left and was about to be cleared, a new party would sit down ready for their coffee and eggs. There was never a minute to spare in the 5 to 8 hours of shift work. It was challenging to keep up with everything. No sooner had we served a table, then the next table was leaving, and the next one was filling up. It could be quite overwhelming. 

Best Time-Saving Tip:  Never Waste a Trip!

Each of us servers had our section of 8 to 10 tables in the restaurant. At times, each of our sections would be out of control as dirty tables accumulated. There was, however, one server, whose section was almost always neat and tidy. Her name was Julie. Julie also always seemed to be on top of things. She had time to spare. Julie was often the one to assist others when our sections were out of control with the mess.

Not only was Julie on top of it all, she, but was also calmer and seemed less harried and hurried than the rest of us. 

Then one day, quite by accident, I learned that Julie had a secret. It is a secret she shared with me, and I am eternally grateful. She had the secret to the best time-saving tip ever and she shared it with me. 

As usual, it was a totally busy day with tables over-spilling with food, debris and customers. I had left the front-end of the restaurant empty-handed to pick up a food order. As I was entering the kitchen area, she took a look at my empty hands and said to me, “Val! Never waste a trip!”

It was this relatively simple and straight-forward best time-saving tip that changed everything.

Julie explained to me that no matter what I was heading to do, that it was important never to waste a trip. She explained never to go anywhere empty handed. If I was heading to the back-end of the restaurant from the front-end, and walking by a table and that table had glassware, I was to grab some on my way. If I were at the back-end and saw a rack of clean glasses whose ultimate destination to be at the front-end of the restaurant, to grab some on my way.  She explained that if I were going somewhere I should always see what I could move, put away, or grab on my way. 

How has this translated to the rest of my life? 

How does this translate to being the best divorce lawyer I can be?

I never waste a trip. Ever. It is a pure habit. 

At home, when I am walking through my living room and I see a glass on the coffee table, I grab it on my way to the kitchen. In my office, if I am on the way to the photocopier and have some filing that has accumulated away, I grab it on my way. I utilize the best time-saving tip wherever I am in my life. It translates to oodles of saved time and way less stress.

When I am downtown by the courthouse, and I have dry cleaning to pick up, I grab that on my way back to the office. This way I never have to make a special trip. The time and overwhelm this one very useful and best time-saving tip has saved in my life is enormous.

So, thank you, Julie, wherever you are, for this awesome piece of advice. 

Written by Val Hemminger, retired server, retired gas station attendant, retired bartender, retired cashier, currently a divorce lawyer and owner of Hemminger Law Group Westshore.

Val has created this website to share with her colleagues. She  is not suggesting, by any means, that she is the best divorce lawyer out there. She is, however, suggesting that she is the best divorce lawyer that she herself can be. Feel free to share anything you find useful.