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Grow Your Family Practice Efficiently and Fast:  Without Wasting Your Valuable Resources

So, you want to grow your family law practice, right?! Well, you are not alone. As you read this, you may be in the same place I used to be. You want to grow your family law practice efficiently, and yet, you don’t want to waste your valuable resources making the wrong decisions. I get it! I knew I had to learn about family law marketing, but I had no idea where to start. I was overwhelmed with marketing information and ideas but had no efficient strategy. I was busy focusing on being the best divorce lawyer I could be but was flailing huge at my marketing efforts.

When you build your own law firm here are some huge mistakes I made, so you are taking the steps to grow your family law practice:

  • I paid a fortune for a web designer to build a word press site that was so bad, that when people Googled the exact name of my law firm, it would not show up on the results page!
  • I spent thousands of dollars per month on paid google advertising, resulting in few if any new family law client leads.
  • My WordPress site was so buggy and slow, that when people did try to load the site, they would give up and go searching elsewhere for their divorce lawyer because it took so long.
  • I did expensive ad placements in our local business paper, resulting in no leads whatsoever.
  • Because I wanted to get the work, I stated on all of my advertising material that my law firm did absolutely everything under the sun (family law, commercial law, real estate, bankruptcies, personal injury law, etc.) I was trying to appeal to everyone and I appealed to nobody as a result.
  • I spent a large amount of money on two marble signs ($!0,000++) that made my law firm look exactly the same as everyone else’s (knowing what I know now, I could make that 10k go a VERY LONG way indeed.
  • I sponsored events that had nothing to do with the clients I wanted to attract. I sponsored an event and advertised where none of the people needing my help would find me. I had no clue about family law marketing.

The list of my mistakes goes on and on. That is why I want to save you some time, some money, and show you how to reduce financial stress by giving you the recipe for becoming a successful lawyer.

Why do I know this? If you know anything about me, you will know that I struggled for years financially. It really sucked. It was when I got serious about discovering how to reduce the financial stress I experienced on a daily basis that I turned things around. It all started when I hired a business coach and mentor. After I outgrew that coach and mentor, I then dove deep into learning everything, and I mean everything, I could about how you can grow your family law practice. I have read literally hundreds of books on sales, marketing, and efficient business strategies.

You probably already know that becoming a successful lawyer is about a lot more than discovering how to grow your family practice. It is also about being exceptionally efficient, taking charge of your time, and having stratospherically satisfied clients. Law school taught us a big fat nothing about becoming a successful lawyer. The most successful lawyers are not only smart, hardworking, and know a ton about the law in their area of expertise, but they also are diligent about applying business strategies to their law practices.

And because you have taken the time to read this far, I am going to let you in on a little secret that will help you grow your family law practice efficiently and fast.

It is a sure-fire 3-step strategy that will grow your family law practice. It takes not very much time to set up and pays you dividends. You want your family law marketing efforts to keep working for you repeatedly. You want your family law marketing to work, and this is how:

3-Steps to Grow Your Family Law Practice:

  1. Stand out. Do not do what everyone else is doing in their family law marketing.
  2. Get reviews from your happy clients and post them everywhere.
  3. Utilize Google my Business. It is free and gets clients to find you. This is the best family law marketing strategy I have ever done. It was the easiest to do with the biggest payoffs, in terms of my family law marketing efforts.

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