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10 Easy traps to avoid when growing your family law practice

So! You want to grow your family law practice! Right?!

Well, you are not alone. As you read this, you may be in the same place I used to be. You are possibly even in the same place that countless numbers of excellent lawyers find themselves. 

You want to grow your family law practice efficiently, and yet, you don’t want to waste your valuable resources making the wrong decisions.  I totally understand. 🙄

I knew I had to learn about family law marketing, but I had no idea where to start.

I also know I had to learn about administration, payroll, management, holidays and computer systems but didn't know where to start. It was all so much. 

In the end, I was overwhelmed with information and ideas and had no efficient strategy. I was busy focusing on being the best divorce lawyer I could be but was failing badly at all my attempts to grow a family law practice. 

Here are just 10 of the mistakes I made when trying to grow my family law practice:  

  1. I paid a fortune for a web designer to build a Word Press site that was so bad, that when people searched the exact name of my law firm, it would still not show up on the results page!
  2. I hired support staff because I liked them, not because they had the skills required to assist in a busy family law practice. 
  3. My accounting records were not in good shape. Although I am required in my jurisdiction to balance my trust account within 30 days of each month-end, I ended up going more than five months without having my trust account reconciled. It was not reconciled over a $1.00 (!) service fee.  Yes - you read that right! One dollar! This later got me into the glue with my Law Society (Bar) when they did their trust audit. 
  4. My answer to being overwhelmed was to work longer hours which ended up having me work so hard that I had zero bandwidth to think strategically, so I ended up with a very disorganized law practice.
  5. I did not understand the importance of hiring staff with legal experience and qualifications. This made it very hard on my experienced staff who had to train people who knew nothing about the legal industry. It was not good for morale at all. 
  6. Because I wanted to get the work, I stated on all of my advertising material that my law firm did absolutely everything under the sun (family law, commercial law, real estate, bankruptcies, personal injury law, etc.) I was trying to appeal to everyone and I appealed to almost nobody as a result.
  7. I often forgot significant steps when preparing a matter for a client. For example, more than once I would be finishing up a hearing and then remember I had not done legal research to support my client's position. I had prepared a written argument based on the facts, but was not in a position to cite case law or legislation. Oops.
  8. I would often procrastinate on client matters when I was stuck on not knowing how to do something procedurally. Then the matter would drag on. Clients would feel ignored and get angry. Then I would avoid them and procrastinate more, and on it went. Instead of getting help, I made matters much worse.
  9. I purchased a physical space for my office location that cost way more than my means. It ended up taking over my life for a period of about 10 years and almost drowned me entirely in debt.
  10. I kept doing the same things over and over again under tremendous stress with no end in sight and hoping things would change. I did not even think of applying business principles, like having standard operating procedures, to my law practice.

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But there IS hope! Becoming a successful lawyer is easy, if you know how!

These 10 classic mistakes divorce lawyers are just the tip of the iceberg and I am sure I could write an entire website about the mistakes I and many other divorce lawyers have made, while they trying to grow a family law practice. I've got even more detail on my page, The Real Qualities of A Successful Lawyer! See if you fit in!

"However, it's far more useful to you if I save you some time, some money, and show you how to reduce financial stress by giving you the recipe for becoming a successful divorce lawyer.

You probably already know that becoming a successful lawyer is about a lot more than discovering how to grow your family practice. It is also about being exceptionally efficient, taking charge of your time, and having stratospherically satisfied clients.

Law school taught us a big fat nothing about becoming a successful lawyer - whether running a business or serving the clients in a way that is best for them.

The most successful lawyers are not only smart, hardworking, and know a ton about the law in their area of expertise, but they also are diligent about applying business strategies to their law practices.

Mistakes  no  more!

"The journey was deep, long and wide and started when I hired a business coach and mentor.  This led to the ultimate transformation of my business and personal life, allowing me to be in a position to share my path and experiences with you.

My focus now is to change the way clients experience the family law journey they have begun and  to support divorce lawyers to live a rich and rewarding personal and professional life."

Ready to start growing your divorce law practice?

Here's my 3-step, sure-fire strategy that will start to grow your family law practice

Because you have taken the time to read this far, I am going to let you in on a little secret that will help you market your family law practice efficiently and fast.

This sure-fire 3-step strategy takes very little time to set up and pays you dividends. This is what you do!

Val Hemminger's 3-Steps to Grow Your Family Law Practice:

  1. Stand out. Do not do what everyone else is doing in their family law marketing.
  2. Get reviews from your happy clients and post them everywhere.
  3. Utilize Google my Business. It is free and gets clients to find you. This is the best family law marketing strategy I have ever done. It was the easiest to do with the biggest payoffs.

Love this strategy and love to know more? 

My education methods are built on the unique B.E.S.T method. The B.E.S.T method is my unique education tool and relates specifically to the process of growing your family law practice. Choose one of the several paths to follow that support you to refocus your family law practice and you can join me on a new journey by exploring your new future. Start re-building your family law practice right here.

B.E.S.T method on a green background

Ready to start growing your family law business? Choose the right journey for you!

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