Best Life Design for Divorce Lawyers

To have the best life design results in helping us be better lawyers.

The best divorce lawyers design their lives on purpose. 

If you draw an analogy between the home you live in and the life you live in you can immediately see how life by design is important. What does your dream life look like?

Whether we live in an apartment, condo, or house, somebody at some point put a lot of thought, care and attention into its design. Someone, at some time, thought about how the human beings who reside within that space would live, eat, sleep, play and love. What if we were to take that kind of care and design and carry it over into our lives and careers? Most of us do not take the same kind of care in designing our lives as was put into the architecture of our homes. I know I didn’t.

Sure, many of us have the “stuff” of our dreams, like money, a nice home, a good car. At the same time, we wonder what happened to our ecstatic moments and enjoyment of life?

Once I realized that I could design my life and that it was up to me to do so, this realization had a huge impact on the direction my life has taken. Life is not something that happens to people, it is something we make happen.

Written by Val Hemminger  

Please look below at some articles about some ideas for best life design.

Personal Manifesto: How to Make Your Divorce Lawyer Career Successful The Lululemon Way

Our personal manifesto is our guide to living and what inspires us. Here is an example. What does yours look like?

When Despite Everything We Still Fall Flat on Our Face

And then those are those days we just fall absolutely flat on our faces. It hurts. It hurts a lot. Then we get back up again and get on with it don't we?

A More Simple Life:
A Living Life Hack from a Divorce Lawyer

Maybe take a lesson from someone who learned he hard way that living a more simple life can have way more to offer than what we think of as traditional wealth.

Fierce Advocacy or Just Plain Rude? 

When we remain a fierce advocate, but avoid rudeness, it is great for us and great for our clients. This is one lawyer's call to raise the bar in our communication with one another.

Best Time-Saving Tip Ever!

Never waste a trip! This is a best way to save time and reduce stress. It is so easy.

The 5 am club

The 5 am club is a total game changer. If we feel that we are needing to get our lives on track. 

Simple Living Ideas For Divorce Lawyers

These are the top 9 best simple living ideas for divorce lawyers. Keeping it simple for happiness.

Staying Off the Gossip Train

A sure way to move our careers forward is by staying off the gossip train. Despite its juicy temptations.

Avoiding the Argument Room 

When we find ourselves in the argument room it totally within our power to walk right back out.

About A Career In Law:  3 Steps To Private Practice Not Destroying Your Life

How do we avoid the pitfalls and significant stress associated with private practice? This is how. 

Avoiding Consumer Credit

Avoiding consumer credit is great if we want to live a happy, stress-free and fulfilled life. 

On Being An Authentic Lawyer

When you are authentic to your values as a person and who you are as a person, it automatically makes your law practice succeed. 

Objectivity Is Bull! (In Family Law Matters)

The common perception that lawyers need to keep their objectivity in family law is bull. Sure, we need to give advice, but we also need to keep our warmth in place to do the best job possible. 

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Val has created this website to share with her colleagues. She is not suggesting, by any means, that she is the best divorce lawyer out there. She is, however, suggesting that she is the best divorce lawyer that she herself can be. Feel free to share anything you find useful.