Best Law Practice Hacks:  
To Help You Become the Best Divorce Lawyer  

The best law practice hacks are essentially tools and techniques that make our practice of law easier and more efficient. This whole website is dedicated to life hacks as they apply specifically to us divorce lawyers in our personal lives and in our legal practices.

It is not a coincidence that we call it the practice of law. Some days I wonder if I am ever going to get it right. The practice hacks that I am sharing here are what I have managed to get right. They have come about in my law practice and law firm as a result of many painful professional lessons.

Many of them are borrowed from others. All of them make my life as a lawyer a whole lot easier. They also help my clients in a huge way most of the time. They help me look smart. They allow me to ensure my job doesn't get boring. Because of these best law practice hacks (as I call them), I get to have fun at my job. They also help me fall flat on my face way less often. I am not saying that I never fall flat on my face. I just do it much less often than I used to. 

What are the Best Law Practice Hacks Anyways?

The challenge facing so many of us, at the beginning of our careers (when we are inexperienced) and once we are well-seasoned in our careers (when we are tired), is that we want to deliver the best results to our clients each and every time. We want to do it efficiently and without exhausting ourselves any more than necessary.

I have been able to learn some great things about running a family law practice well. I have learned a ton running my own small law firm, Hemminger Law Group Westshore Law Corporation. 

Because we did not actually learn how to practice law in law school, we have to learn on the job. Hence the hack suggestions I make here. For many of us we want to learn the tools of the way to incorporate the best law practice design. If there were a book, course, magazine, or blog with practical information about how to be the best divorce lawyers possible and how to deliver awesome results each and every time to our clients, we would follow that advice. So, I am hoping to help provide some of just that. 

Best Law Practice Design:

So, here is hoping the articles below will help you, my colleagues. 

How to Turn Your Nasty Dog File From a Ferocious Beast Into a Sweet Little Manageable Puppy

We have all had them. Those terrible, nasty files that we dread working on. For many of us, me especially, I have avoided working on them for so long that I have managed to make the situation worse. This is how you can ensure that your dog file does not take on a life of its own. 

The High-Conflict Individual and How to Respond 

In the practice of law, and most particularly in family law, we come across some pretty high-conflict individuals. This is how we deal with their email and text correspondence effectively.

Keeping Clients Happy And Avoiding Procrastination

At our law firm of Hemminger Law Group Westshore we follow a simple one-step system for avoiding procrastination and keeping clients happy.

Best Divorce Lawyers:  The 4 Best Qualities

Being the best divorce lawyer is about being a lot more than a strong advocate. Look at these 4 other qualities that are totally important.

What to do When Dealing With Difficult Lawyers - The 3 Step Process

Now you know what to do.

When Dealing with Nightmare Lawyers What Not to Do

When dealing with nightmare lawyers on the other side of our cases, this is what we should not be doing. We don't want to fling the  mud.

Your Own Law Practice

Making it the best it can be all the time. Ways you can do that.

Initial Client Consultation Checklist

Use this initial client consultation checklist in order to land the client every time.

When email fails

Email is an awesome communication tool and yet there are times when it totally fails at being effective. 

Best Practice Tip!

My principal and mentor, lawyer, Ted Hanman, taught me the best practice tip ever. Always focus on the goal. 

When Lawyers Behave Badly:  Judges Talk About It

In family law we all lose our minds sometimes. Yet, when we are discourteous in the courtroom it makes us look bad. It also doesn't help our clients. 

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Val has created this website to share with her colleagues. She is not suggesting, by any means, that she is the best divorce lawyer out there. She is, however, suggesting that she is the best divorce lawyer that she herself can be. Feel free to share anything you find useful.