Be The Best Person Practice:
In Just 20 Minutes per Day

Be the best person practice is a highly effective, and I mean really effective, way of becoming a better person. And, we all know that the best people make the best lawyers.

What if you were to learn that in just 20 minutes per day, you can become the best person you can be. What if you were to find out that within 10 days of this 20-minute practice you would be happier, way calmer, less stressed, grateful for the gifts in your life, and proud of your daily accomplishments?

The formula is at your fingertips and it is simple. 

I call it the Be the Best Person Practice.

In just 20 minutes per day, this practice that will have a profound effect on your life, your law practice, and your well-being.

If we are running or growing a busy family law practice, there is a lot to focus on. This practice makes sure we do an awesome job at it.

Being a divorce lawyer is an extraordinarily stressful occupation. Not only do we have to worry about the bottom line, about giving great service and results to our clients, we can often be personally triggered by the facts of our cases. We can be triggered by the opposing party. We can be triggered by the opposing party's lawyer. We can be triggered by various worries about doing our job well, being well-prepared, and ensuring we are up to date on the law. 

This practice allows us to do our jobs effectively and with compassion. At the same time, it effectively gets rid of all of our own "stuff" so that we can stay focused and present to what our clients need in their case. When we blend this practice with step-by-step processes for running our cases in the best possible way, we are unbeatable.

In as little as 10 days, we see its profound results.

This practice helps make us the best advocates we can be inside and outside of the courtroom. It helps us be the best negotiators. It helps us become unbeatable.

Be The Best Person Practice:  Here It is:

This practice has 3 components. They are as follows:

  1. The forgiveness practice of Ho'oponopono;
  2. Gratitude; and 
  3. Blessings (or wishing others well as Danielle LaPorte would say).

Each day set a time (most do this in the morning upon waking). Do the forgiveness practice of Ho'oponopono for 10 minutes. Then do gratitude for 5 minutes. Finally, do blessings for 5 minutes. Bam! 20 minutes and you are on your way to being the best lawyer and best person you can be.

By Val Hemminger, lawyer

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Val has created this website to share with her colleagues. She  is not suggesting, by any means, that she is the best divorce lawyer out there. She is, however, suggesting that she is the best divorce lawyer that she herself can be. Feel free to share anything you find useful.