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Everything Law School Didn't Teach.

Join The Life-Changing Academy For Divorce Lawyers

This 12 month program specifically designed for you as a family law lawyer,  will support you to:

  • Strategically run your law firm as a profitable business.
  • Represent clients so that they are very happy each and every time.
  • Skip past all the costly mistakes and what most lawyers take years to learn.
  • Create systems and procedures to run your practice seamlessly.
  • Make more money while working less and do it ethically at the same time.
  • Have a proper work-life balance.
  • Discover how to be a true leader in our profession.

Have you ever wondered "I thought I'd have more free time and more money by now"?

I was once there too. I was an overworked, underpaid stressed lawyer barely making ends meet...

And are trapped in the work-time-struggle cycle?

I was too. Yet now, I have broken out of the struggle loop and have created:

  • A Multiple Six-Figure Law Practice.
  • A Consistent Flow of Happy Clients.
  • A Happy Team that follows the principles of the Be the BEST Divorce Lawyer Academy and we get great results. 
  • An Amazing Work-Life Balance so I can actually spend quality time with my own family and friends and take breaks!

All, done ethically without gouging your clients for fees!

THAT's what the Be the BEST Divorce Lawyer Academy is about. You will do all this too.

Video: How WE grow your Family law practice

"The Academy supports you to go from being a stressed underpaid lawyer to doubling or tripling your income, in just a few short months! And without working evenings and weekends!"

Ready to transform not only your practice, but your life!?

Meet some of our graduates ...

The Be the BEST Divorce Lawyer Academy has been the key to making a powerful change for Academy members. Bottom line Attract great clients, keep your clients very happy, have a profitable and well functioning business, while having time for yourself!

"The Academy is quite generous in the content for what it costs. And I'm really, really pleased with that. There's nothing worse than buying an online course and then feeling like you're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to content. So I do really appreciate that."

Brogan Pastro
Vancouver, Canada


"I had struggled financially for about 7 years.

Within a few months of working with Val I released my old files were stressing me out and paying me poorly.

My life has transformed and my income has increased significantly." 

Jamie Dunlap
Victoria, Canada


"I have a lot clearer idea now.  Specific steps to take, which I've taken. I feel more confident and a lot better, starting again on my own this time than I did before.
The program is definitely worth it. Even just the checklists and precedents and resources are worth it alone."

Bonnie Ewing
Red Deer, Canada


"It's not always easy to know if taking a step into the unknown is the right thing for you to do. Believe me, I know! I 've had to do it a few times and it's always been with a bit (or a lot) of anxiety."

So, here's how you can join the Be The Best Divorce Lawyer Academy

Simply choose your preferred investment  below and we'll immediately start working together.

Val Hemminger offers several payment options for her divorce lawyer Academy.  This link takes you to the $4997 payment page.
Val Hemminger offers several payment options for her divorce lawyer Academy.  This link takes you to the $1837 x 3 payment option.
Val Hemminger offers several payment options for her divorce lawyer Academy.  This link takes you to the $497 x 12 payment option.

Got Questions?

No obligation, no pressure. Only help.

Here's who the Be The Best Divorce Lawyer Academy is for....

The Be the BEST Divorce Lawyer Academy is perfect for lawyers who want to:

  • Step up their strategies to run their law practices smoother. 
  • Increase their income.
  • Learn the strategies behind growing a practice through detailed lessons and group coaching.
  • Increase quality clients who wish to retain them. 
  • Keep clients happy, ethically while not gouging them for fees.
  • Run a multiple six-figure practice without working evenings and weekends.
  • Create a life worth living!
  • Run their law practice as a profitable and efficient business.
  • Stand out as the “go to” family law lawyer in their area.
  • Have happy clients who will refer their friends, co-workers and family.
  • Have evenings and weekends to themselves and their own families.
  • Have an ongoing marketing campaign that does not consume all of their time and that is not costly - without spending a dime on paid advertising.
  • Create their own unique brand so that clients who resonate with them will find them and hire them. 
  • Organize their practice so that they are out of the overwhelm and into the job of confidently helping their clients and knowing they have not missed anything!
  • Have a work-life balance that is almost unheard of for lawyers in private practice
  • PLUS strategic mentoring with me to move them forward in their business weekly...yes, every week there is a group coaching call! So that they don't have to go about the business of creating and maintaining a profitable and joyful law practice alone.

The Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy is a powerful blend of resources, skills and mentoring to turbo charge your law practice's success

Is this you? You worry you'll make a fool of yourself or be out of place because of making mistakes?

"Most lawyers think that working really hard and being smart is the answer to being successful. Nothing could be further from the truth..."

Don't be worried!

If you thought that all those long nights and weekends studying to pass the bar and spending countless thousands of dollars on your education would surely pay off in the first few years and you have been disappointed, you are not alone.

Unfortunately the rich lawyer driving the fancy car with the great life, is pure myth for most lawyers in private practice. That is why I am here to support you reaching the life of your dreams while avoiding the stressful, overwhelming and mind-numbing learning curve of running a business.

You are definitely not alone! 

Contrary to Popular Belief, Most Lawyers

  • Aren't Rich
  • Don't Play Golf All Day
  • Actually Struggle Financially
  • Suffer from Extreme Stress & Depression
  • Have High Divorce Rates! I know, Ironic!

Which statistic are you likely to belong to, in 5 years?

Law statistics

Curious about the possibilities for you and want to chat with me first?

Here's where you can arrange a no-obligation call with me. This will not be a cheesy sales call, but a call to answer your questions to see if you we are a fit to work together.

Call Val Hemminger to discover more about the better divorce program

N.B: The scheduling link will ask you a few short qualifying questions. That way, I will know how to best assist you.

Also, please bring your questions (I welcome this and encourage it!)

I am so passionate about helping you, that even if you have zero interest in joining the Academy, I will to provide you with strategic and useful advice that will help you bring your practice to the next level. 

If You Are Struggling to

Val Hemminger, At Computer
  • Manage all of our responsibilities without killing yourself with long hours, and stress.
  • Run a law firm that turns a profit consistently.
  • Represent clients so that they are very happy with your service each and every time​.
  • Have a consistent flow of quality clients (that aren't "attorney shopping" for lowest price)​.
  • Have a proper work-life balance (without feeling guilty for taking time for yourself).

You can end your suffering starting now...

Here's how it all works...

When you join Be The Best Divorce Lawyer Academy, you will go from living in overwhelm, stress, and being an underpaid lawyer to running a successful business filled with happy clients, making WAY MORE MONEY while WORKING LESS...

Which will be able to spend more quality time with your family and actually take a REAL vacation...and still feel good about it...PRETTY AMAZING RIGHT!?

The B.E.S.T Method I have created, from years of study, painful experience and joyful freedom has turned the pillars of growing a law practice into four powerful models of business. 

The Pillars of The Best Divorce Lawyers Academy

The BEST Method
Membership Academy BEST Program

Discover how to attract quality clients to your law practice

Most lawyers have no idea how to stand out from other lawyers in a very competitive market. They waste their time, money and resources. Even worse, they spend thousands of dollars on google advertising only to have the leads stop the minute they stop running ads.You will discover effective marketing strategies that are simple and straightforward without taking over your life and you will discover how to become the “go-to” lawyer in your area. You will learn how to do this WITHOUT spending a CENT on advertising. 

Membership Academy BEST Program


Law school taught us nothing about how to run a successful and profitable business. Even if you work for a firm, implementing key systems and strategies will ensure that you avoid exhaustion and overwhelm. Val has developed checklists and precedents over a career of more than 25 years, those checklists and strategies making the business of running a law firm smooth.

Membership Academy BEST Program


Once lawyers get those quality clients, often they get so overwhelmed that they do not know how to keep on top of their work load and keep their clients happy. Pretty soon they are buried in their own stress and overwhelm and their clients are ticked off at them because their lawyers are "doing nothing" on their case. You will discover what clients really want and a way to deliver great client service each and every time.

Membership Academy BEST Program

deeper than time-saving techniques, discover how to create a life where you have time - lots of it!

Discover cutting-edge strategies to ensure that you structure your time in such a way that you will have time for everything, that is so you not only get your client work done, have a smooth running office, but you also spend days doing what gives you the greatest joy and satisfaction in life.

Ready to transform not only your practice, but your life!?

Imagine how your life and business would be different six months from now... if you had the exact process to double or quadruple your income while actually working less?


In Be The Best Divorce Lawyer Academy™️ Membership

You get access to the entire online academy portal that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish.

You will have instructional videos that provide you with clear and step-by-step actions you will take. 

You get all the insiders-only instruction on how to assemble your law practice to generate multiple six-figures every yerar. 

You will get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!

You get weekly access to Val and her 25++ years of experience and learn from other lawyers. 

You will become part of our small but growing community, lawyers just like you, who are growing successful law practices. 

PLUS, it's the other lawyers in the Academy Membership that make the Membership and Be the Best Divorce Lawyer truly different

The Membership's secret sauce is the community.

You know the feeling... when you're home, where you feel understood, where you have the support to keep going even when times get tough. Well, that is what you get when you meet other BEST Academy members. 

We have other keen, intelligent, forward-thinking divorce lawyers from all over the globe who want to change the practice of family law for the better.

They are doing this for their clients, for their own happiness, for their own incomes, and for the sake of feeling great about the work they do. You can connect and collaborate with them, and they are there to cheer you on!

You'll see! I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 😀

Ready to transform not only your practice, but your life!?

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