About Val:
Being the Best Divorce Lawyer She Can Be 

About Val and Being A Family Law Lawyer:

About Val. It is me. I fell into the area of family law quite by accident. When I left the law firm I was working at as a junior lawyer and opened my own small firm, family law paid the bills. Eventually, I got more and more experience. I ultimately became very passionate about my work as a divorce lawyer. 

In the past 20 years, I have learned a lot from my own successes and failures. I have also learned a lot from successful colleagues in the practice of family law. 

For almost 20 years, I was totally sucked into the stressful lifestyle of being a divorce lawyer. I had created a life cluttered with lease payments, material things, and obligations. My stress levels were through the roof. I stopped looking after my health and I got fat. I became a problem drinker. When I quit drinking I developed other addiction problems. The problems in my life multiplied and only continually got worse. 

Rather than coming home each evening to my family refreshed and happy, I was exhausted and edgy. I had a short fuse. In essence, my life was not working. My life was on a crash course and the crash course was gaining momentum. 

All of this came to a head in 2012 when I was diagnosed with severe depression and adrenal gland burnout. I was at least 50 pounds overweight. Financial stress was through the roof. My relationships with friends and family were imploding. My life literally fell apart. 

About Val and Her Journey:

Because I had no choice, I began making significant changes. 

Since then, I have totally changed my life around. These changes have profoundly impacted my personal life, business life and law practice. I am a way better divorce lawyer as a result.

While I am not saying that I am the best divorce lawyer out there, I am saying that I am the best divorce lawyer that I can be. I continue to get even better. 

I own a small law firm called Hemminger Law Group Westshore Law Corporation. We call it More Than Your Ordinary Law Firm. Our firm mission is to be more than ordinary, as lawyers and people, in every way.

I have gathered the information about my journey on this website so my colleagues can hopefully use some of my ideas to be the best divorce lawyers they can be. 

I have drastically changed my health, weight, relationships, finances, and, importantly, my work as a lawyer. 

I have am delivering the best results that I am able to deliver for my clients. I am having the best personal relationships that I am able to have. My finances are doing the best they possibly can. I am designing and living the best life that I can. I have become a way better person.

Of course, like all journeys I have suffered some serious setbacks. I still have days where I feel like I want to give up and run away. Most of the time, however, things are great. They are so great, I want to share what I have learned with others.

Because of this, I want to share these ideas and skills with you, my colleagues. This is also about Val liaising with other divorce lawyers so you too can:

1.    Deliver the Best Results:  Learn how, in a step-by-step way, to deliver great results (ie. winning) for your clients. I have a step-by-step formula for taking a family law file from start to finish and doing it in the best way possible.

2.    Live the Best Life:  I learned the hard way how to change my life from one of being on a course of destruction to one of being on a path of vibrancy and health. I will show you how I have done this.

3.    Have the Best Finances:  Money stress is a killer of so many things. I will show you how I am turning my life around in terms of finances. You can either turn your life around too or avoid the whole mess of financial stress in the first place. 

If you learn about me and my journey, I hope you can benefit with what I have learned and shared on tis website. I believe that even small changes a bit at a time will make a huge difference over a relatively short period of time.

So, let’s get started.

Written by Val Hemminger, divorce lawyer 

Please contact me by way of my email addy val@hemmingerlawgroup.com if you want to connect. I am interested in your feedback, questions, concerns and input. 

Contact Val by email at:  val@hemmingerlawgroup.com 

Val has created this website to share with her colleagues. She  is not suggesting, by any means, that she is the best divorce lawyer out there. She is, however, suggesting that she is the best divorce lawyer that she herself can be. Feel free to share anything you find useful.